Pilot, air traffic controllers, cabin crew screening 

We perform pre-employment and routine eye checkups for issuance and renewals for UAE GCAA Class 1, 2 and 3 pilots and cabin crew members, based on the approved UAE GCAA regulatory requirements. We also offer further world class eye treatment for aviation professionals, as and when required.

Screenings include:

  • Consultation with GCAA licensed Ophthalmologist 
    • Colour vision test – using Ishihara test plates 
    • Contrast sensitivity (if previous refractive surgery) – contrast sensitivity can be affected after LASIK
    • Measurement of intraocular pressure – to exclude glaucoma
    • Clinical examination of the anterior segment and dilated fundoscopy (retinal examination) – detailed examination of all the intraocular structures including the cornea, lens, retina and optic nerves
  • Examination with orthoptist 
    • Extraocular muscle balance
    • Extraocular movements and 
    • Heterophoria or heterotropia (strabismus)
  • Examiniation with optometrist 
    • Visual acuity: near and distance
    • Refraction
  • Binocular Esterman visual fields.